Club News 2014

General News

Visit of David Barrett

David Barrett visited our club on the afternoon of Monday 28 April to talk about, and demonstrate his mallets. David gave short coaching sessions for members (including help with jump shots, which always seem to be a worry to players), and hopefully helped to iron out any problems with members' swings ! We were joined by a few of our friends from Sheffield U3A, and both they and our members were grateful to David for his words of wisdom and help in choosing the right mallet. Many thanks to David for making the trip across the Pennines and giving us the benefit of considerable experience.

2014 season up and running

The new season started on Monday 31 March and many of our members have already been along to play in our usual club sessions (see More about our Club). We have a new Notice Board, on which members can check for coming events and sign up for club competitions.

Cost of 2014 Membership cut to £45

The AGM agreed that the cost of adult membership would be reduced from £75 to £45 for the 2014 season. Student Membership has also been reduced to £25, and the cost for children (under 16) remains at £10

Annual General Meeting 19 February 2014

The Club held its inaugural AGM on 19 February 2014 at the Three Merry Lads at Lodge Moor. The meeting was attended by fourteen of our members who enjoyed lively discusion and a very convivial evening. There were so many things to discuss, and the meeting eventually finished about 10:30. Thanks to our Club Secretary, Dennis, who had laid on a buffet for all the members. The courts will be set out for the new season in mid-March, with a view to the season getting under way in the first week in April (weather permitting).

External Matches

League match results - August 2014

Short lawn (v York - home)

A glorious day at Bolehills and another very close match. The Sheffield team of Maggie Crossland, Alan Jeavons, Andrew Usborne & Joe Prinold put in a great performance in our match against York Croquet Club on Sunday, 31 August. Sheffield were behind by 3 games to 5 going into the last round, but kept their collective nerves and won three of the last four singles to leave the match tied at 6-6. Maggie & Andrew both pegging out to score maximum points (Andrew achieving his third peel of the day), and when the scores were all totted up, Sheffield had scored more hoops (124 - 98). A draw seemed a fair result all round, and for the Sheffield team, an excellent result against a very good York team - their young Callum Johnson winning all his games.

Joe was playing in his first league match and was on top form - perhaps making a late bid for the season's MVP. Many thanks to Maggie for leading the team, and for being an 'ever-present' team member in Sheffield's league matches.

Golf (v Sheffield U3A - home)

This time we came up against our colleagues from Sheffield U3A. Another 11-9 scoreline, but this time in our favour ! It was a ding-dong match all day, with the score at 9-9 going into the last two doubles. Our stalwart four did not fade, and clinched the match 7-2, 7-3. Well done to everyone and to Dennis, captain for the day. The hoop score was 111-91, Sheffield giving away only 58 extra turns (and actually receiving 2) !

Individual scores on the day were: Dennis Crossland won 5/lost 1; Maggie Crossland 2/4; Andy Wright 5/1; Pauline Wright 2/4. A special mention for Andy, winning five games in his first league match - great performance.

Golf (v Ryedale - home)

Another close match saw Ryedale run out winners by 11-9, securing their victory by winning the last game of the day by 6 hoops to 5. Total hoops won and lost in the match was about the same for both teams (91-92), but the Sheffield team again found it difficult to give away so many extra shots (Adrian & Alan giving 8, 9 & even 10 shots in games) to the visitors who often used them wisely to win games. On Wednesday 20 August, the Ryedale team made the long journey from Pickering to Sheffield and, having easily negotiated their way through to Sheffield Wednesday football ground, got a bit lost on the way to Bolehills. Without a satnav, it's not an easy journey ! Late in the morning, play was briefly interrupted by rain, which seemed to confuse Michael & Adrian, as they spent a good 10-15 minutes going for the wrong hoop in between the showers ! So an early lunch was clearly called for. Hard luck to our gallant team of Trisha Nock, Jean Simmerson, Alan Jeavons & Adrian Simmerson.

Short lawn (v Huddersfield - away)

Our second visit to Huddersfield Croquet Club in the space of four days (on Sunday 17 August) proved even more difficult and Sheffield lost the match 4-8. Three of the games were lost by a single point and a couple of others were lost by a couple of points, so the match was closer than the score indicates. The Huddersfield courts were even more challenging than they had been earlier in the week, and some of our team members yearned for the smooth and faster lawns of Bolehills. On the day, Huddersfield dealt with the conditions better than Sheffield and fully deserved their victory. We were treated to a most excellent lunch (a special thanks to Wendy for her amazing cakes) and, despite the blustery weather, we enjoyed the day and tried not to be too downhearted at suffering our first defeat. The Sheffield team was Maggie Crossland (who had only just returned from two weeks holiday the previous day and still managed a couple of victories), Mark Simmerson (who score most of our points !) and Alan Usborne & Adrian Simmerson who just made up the numbers !

Golf (v Huddersfield - away)

Sheffield won their first golf league match of the season in a closely fought match against Huddersfield Croquet Club on Wednesday 13 August. The final score was 12-8 and most of the games were won and lost by only a couple of hoops. Our friendly hosts looked after us very well (including some delicious cakes at the end of play) and everyone enjoyed the day immensely. The courts at Huddersfield were challenging, and the egg-cups in many of the hoops created an alternative hoop-running strategy ! Sheffield had to give away so many extra turns (140) that Huddersfield ran out of bisques for some of the singles round ! Congratulations to our winning team of Alan Jeavons, Dennis Crossland, Andrew Usborne & Adrian Simmerson.

League match results - July 2014

Short lawn (v Ryedale - away)

Sheffield came out on top by a narrow margin when they played Ryedale Croquet Club in a short-lawn league match on Sunday 27 July. On this occasion, there were three players per team, Sheffield being represented by Mark Simmerson, Maggie Crossland & Adrian Simmerson. It was a long drive to Pickering, Mark doing particularly well to arrive on time with less than six hours sleep after being on-call (Children's Hospital) the previous night, finishing his shift about 9:00am. The Ryedale team were most welcoming and ready with refreshments before we started our match on a gloriously sunny day. In a closely fought, but very friendly contest, both teams won five games. Four of the games we lost had been by only a few points, and on the count of points won, Sheffield had scored 123 to Ryedale's 103, so just managed to win the match.

League match results - June 2014

Short lawn (v Beverley - home)

Our Sheffield team beat York 10-2 in the first short-lawn league match of the year (our first short-lawn league match ever). The match was played at Bolehills on Sunday 15 June and, although the weather was not kind to the players, the drizzle disappeared as the day progressed and regular mugs of tea between games helped to raise spirits. The York team bravely included a few players who were quite new to the game but, even with extra bisques, they found it hard to get overcome a stronger Sheffield team, and the gentle slopes of our 'crown green' croquet courts. Congratulations our team of Andrew Usborne (who was handicapped with having to peel his partner ball through one hoop on each game), Maggie Crossland (7), John Crossland (4) & Alan Jeavons (8).

Golf (v Bishop Monkton - away)

A long journey to play our game at Bishop Monkton was made even longer after accidents on both the A1 and M1 caused serious tail-backs on both routes. After over two and a half hours, our team finally arrived at Bishop Monkton at 11:40 ! Our hosts had been forewarned and were very sympathetic of our plight and were ready with refreshments even before we started the match. Despite the glorious June weather, Sheffield never really got into their stride and were heavily defeated 16-4. Our very friendly opponents offered consolation and tea & cakes and the end of the match (about 5:00) ! The Sheffield team was Pauline Wright, Trish Nock, Dennis Crossland & Adrian Simmerson. Thanks to Pauline & Trish who played in their first ever league game. There is no doubt that the Bishop Monkton team played very well and deserved their victory. A number of the games were very close but, again, Dennis and Adrian had to give away a hatful of extra turns in their games. All our team felt more than a little disappointed that they hadn't been able take a few more points from our opponents.

Golf (v Brodsworth Hall - away)

On Wednesday 11 June 2014 we played our first Golf croquet league game of the year at Brodsworth Hall. The Brodsworth team were all extremely friendly and hospitable, the weather was warm and sunny, the setting in the beautiful grounds of Brodsworth Hall, with the Hall itself providing an imposing backdrop to the match, was magnificent. It is hard to imagine a more pleasant way to spend a day. Had we won the match, that would have been the icing on the cake but, in a tight match, Sheffield lost 9-11. The team of Alan Jeavons, Jean Simmerson, Dennis Crossland & Adrian Simmerson fought bravely but found that having to give away nearly 100 extra shots to our opponents was just too much. Well done to Jean who won two of her games in her first ever league match.

Sheffield retain Millennium Trophy

The Sheffield team retained the Millennium Trophy that they won in 2013 after a very close finish in the Annual Yorkshire Federation AC Short-lawn tournament, which this year was held at York Croquet Club, on Sunday 18 May 2014. Sheffield and York were neck and neck and, even after the last game had been played, it wasn't clear which team had won. Sheffield managed to scrape home, scoring four more hoops than York over 16 games ! Congratulations to the Sheffield team of Alan, Maggie, John & Adrian. For more details see Tournaments

YCF Tournaments for 2014

Several YCF tournaments have been planned for the 2014 season, including:

  • AC Short-Lawn tournament on Sunday 8 May at York

  • GC team event on Sunday 13 July at Huddersfield

  • GC Singles event on Friday 8 August at Parkhead, Sheffield

  • AC Full-lawn tournament on the weekend 6/7 September

It is anticipated that SCC would be represented at some, if not all, these tournaments

Internal Competitions

Club GC Handicap Tournament

We held our first Club Tournament on Saturday 10 May 2014. The Golf Croquet Handicap singles event was organised and expertly managed by Dennis. Everyone enjoyed the event very much and we hope to arrange other club tournaments during the course of the year. Congratulations to Alan, our tournament winner and to Diane, our plate champion.

More photos can be viewed by clicking here.

SCC Member Watch

Lancashire International Open GC Championship

The 14th Lancashire International Open GC Tournament took place at Bury Croquet Club over the weekend 3/4 April 2014. Adrian & Dennis again ventured across the Pennines to try their luck against the great and the good of the croquet world. For more details see Tournaments.

CA beat Scottish CA in annual match (31 August)

One of our members, Eugene Chang, represented the victorious Croquet Association team in their annual match against the Scottish CA, this year held at Middlesbrough. Congratulations to Eugene who won three of his four singles games, achieving the elusive triple peel in one of them ! More details of the match can be found here.